Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Figure

I just looked at my Skiergirl blog for the first time in a long time and realized that the last post was on the day I found out I was pregnant! I believe I actually went directly from posting that to the nearest pharmacy. I guess it wasn't the jet lag and the long day at the Louvre that were tiring me out afterall, it was the little one growing in my belly!
Isn't it funny how life takes unexpected detours? I found myself thinking yesterday as I was riding my bike to school, in California, while pregnant that I would never have expected any of these things for myself just a couple of years ago, but now here I am. It feels almost surreal at times, like I'm living someone else's life. But you know, it's really mine and I'm just one lucky lady.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonjour from Paris!

I arrived in Paris early Friday morning, eventually found my hotel and then had a much needed nap. I managed to get ou and explore my neighbourhood a bit and go out for dinner before crashing for the night.

On Saturday I got up early and spent the entire day at the Louvre. This is the third time I've been to Paris but the first time at the Louvre for me. It was absolutely incredible. Some of the highlights for me included the "Victory of Samathrace," the "Venus de Milo," and all the large format paintings. The building itself is incredible, with most of the rooms maintaining their palatial style. By the end of the day I was incredibly tired and sore, and very glad I brough back-up shoes!

Sunday was a lazy day as the Louvre and jet lag had taken a lot out of me. I stayed in bed until about noon and then headed to Bercy Village. This is an old village which used to be wine warehouses from long ago. It now houses stores, cafes and restaurants. Next to the village is Parc Bercy, which is an absolutely beautiful park just teeming with people. I alternated between reading and sleeping (mostly the latter) between rows of hollyhocks beneath an overhead grape vine. I then went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which was in English with French subtitles... convenient for me! I had a lovely dinner and then crashed in my bed by 9:30.

All the museums and sights are closed on Mondays so today is another low-stress, hang-out day for me. I'm going to grab some lunch and then perhaps head up to Montmartre. I met a Canadian girl who is also staying in my hotel so we're going to have dinner together tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to head to Giverny and then on Wednesday I'll visit the Musee d'Orsay. My friends arrive on Thursday for the beginning of the Great French Wine Tour, yay!

I'll post photos when I get a chance.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shopping Galore!

Yesterday I went to San Francisco to do some sight-seeing and shopping with Wynne and James. We went to Haight-Ashbury, which was a first for me, and hit some vintage clothing stores. We also went to Amoeba records, which is the coolest place ever. You can find absolutely anything there. I bought 5 shirts, 1 wallet and 4 cds... which is some pretty decent retail therapy if you ask me!

Monday, February 25, 2008

What I've Been Up To Lately

You can tell I am supposed to be studying by the fact that I'm doing the things I normally put off, like cleaning and updating my blog. Here are a few of the highlights from the last couple of months.

My Birthday:
Keegan and James bought and decorated a cake for me, I almost cried it was so nice.

It coincided with a beer-tasting party, which was tasty! I brought Maudite and Fin du Monde.

Marc and I looking like a vine's worst nightmare.

The lab for my "Viticultural Practices" class is usually out in the campus vineyard pruning and training vines. It's my favorite class, I love being out there.

Keg Parties:
It wouldn't be college without the occasional keg-stand
I had a great day exploring San Fran. This is the Palace of Fine Arts

Coit Tower, just one of many sights I can show people when the come visit (that's a not-so-subliminal message)

I've been busy with our student organization, helping make fundraising t-shirts and stuff. I volunteered to help plan our student trip to France this summer, which is very exciting. I'm having memories of the Hale trip to Spain!

Multi-tasking at the Craft Center on campus.
Immersion Trips:
Twice a year DEVO plans long-weekend trips to wine regions. We visit 2-3 wineries/vineyards each day and usually get to meet the winemakers. This picture is from Navarro, which is pretty much my favorite place ever.

Bonterra Vineyards

Friday, January 11, 2008

Best Ski Days EVER!

I made it up to Kirkwood for my first days of skiing in the Sierras last weekend. Well, I tell you what, it was incredible. They had a major storm come through and dump up to 10 feet, that's right FEET, of snow in a few days. I got there just after they opened the road and got two days of fresh tracks through thigh-deep powder. I've never been so exhausted from skiing in all my days.
I had been a little nervous about the quality of the hill. I've never been so happy to be wrong before! The runs are short (in comparison to Louise, which isn't really fair) but there is great terrain off each lift. Yay!

Winter wonderland. Just outside Placerville where I had to buy chains for my car. The power was out so we did all the business by flashlight.

Rolly with his chains on

Coming down highway 50 towards South Lake Tahoe

Entering the resort area
So much snow!

The view from my room

View from my favorite run

They had just opened this area
All the fresh lines to be had on a bluebird day!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Can you believe UC Davis has a bowling alley on campus? We even have a varsity bowling team! And since it's finals week bowling is half-price so I managed to roll a couple frames today for the low low price of $3.50. I think I'll be hitting this up more often in the future.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Still Alive

I've been very slack with my updates of late as I haven't had internet at home. After being a cheapskate and holding out long enough I am now getting it for free!
Lots has happened since my last post, most of it involving drinking copious amounts of wine. So far I have learned so much about wine that you'll never want to drink it with me again (I have a hard time not getting geeky and talking about it a lot). I have established a decent social life, which also involves drinking copious amounts of wine, and talking about it. I am co-organizing the department's student trip to France this summer and I am half-way through exams.

AND... I'll be back in Calgary over the holidays!