Friday, January 11, 2008

Best Ski Days EVER!

I made it up to Kirkwood for my first days of skiing in the Sierras last weekend. Well, I tell you what, it was incredible. They had a major storm come through and dump up to 10 feet, that's right FEET, of snow in a few days. I got there just after they opened the road and got two days of fresh tracks through thigh-deep powder. I've never been so exhausted from skiing in all my days.
I had been a little nervous about the quality of the hill. I've never been so happy to be wrong before! The runs are short (in comparison to Louise, which isn't really fair) but there is great terrain off each lift. Yay!

Winter wonderland. Just outside Placerville where I had to buy chains for my car. The power was out so we did all the business by flashlight.

Rolly with his chains on

Coming down highway 50 towards South Lake Tahoe

Entering the resort area
So much snow!

The view from my room

View from my favorite run

They had just opened this area
All the fresh lines to be had on a bluebird day!

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