Sunday, September 17, 2006

East Joins West

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend the wedding of my friend Sylvia (Alberta farm girl) and Daryl (Newfie). It was a lovely small wedding, although it was a full-on Catholic mass so I just followed everyone else's lead with the sitting, standing, praying, etc. Unfortunately the weather was kinda rotten, windy and freezing cold, but I think they got some sunshine for the pictures.

What I gained from the whole thing: love is not just a feeling of excitement or desire, or something that just feels right, it's a choice we make; also, I am done with going to weddings alone.

Sylvia and her parents coming down the isle

Sylvia being "given-away"

Doing the deed

The boy in the background cracks me up, he has a different look on his face in every picture. I think he was enjoying himself

Now you may kiss the bride

The new Mr. and Mrs. King

Rather than clinking glasses, they had fortune cookies. To get the new couple to kiss you had to get up and read a fortune, followed by "in bed." It was a really great idea.

How well do they know each other? If the answer was Sylvia they raised her shoe, and Daryl's shoe for him. It was an amusing little game. I believe the question here was "Who kissed who first?"

The first dance

Two-stepping with her dad

Sylvia's niece and shoes

"Save a horse, ride a cowboy"

I was unaware of the hand placement

And now a serious shot

It's not a wedding until someone wears a tie on his head

Sylvia talking to Pete on my phone

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