Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Got Out of the House

Thanks to a pep talk from Pete and an early-morning-text boost from Dave, I managed to get out of the house yesterday. The nice weather was a definite help as well.

First I went to the Galaxy Diner for breakfast. From there I went to the Calgary Humane Society to look at dogs. For a city of a million people, there were surprisingly few dogs for adoption. I didn't see anyone that I clicked with so I dropped in at Petland. They had some really cute Highland Terrier-type puppies there. My only concern is that it's a fairly small dog, and I'm more interested in a medium-sized dog that will be able to do things with me like running. Something to keep in mind anyway.

After that I got a coffee and went for a drive. I explored around the Old Banff Coach Rd. and over to the Springbank area. The mountains are covered in snow now, just the way I like them. I stopped and took pictures in a few places, it felt a little like being on my road trip again and it was very nice.

I had remembered that Cory was supposed to be in town dropping his girlfriend off at the airport so I gave him a call. We met up and went over to the Ship n' Anchor for some dinner and beers.

All in all, it was lovely to get out of the house. Can't say the same about today, but one step at a time.

Cute little puppy I'd like to take home with me

Coyote near Elbow Valley

My mountains covered in snow!

Alberta at it's finest

Some fixie-porn for Pete... hot woman, hot bike!


miss.elaine.eos said...

If you are looking to adopt check out http://www.heavencanwait.ca/ They rescue animals that were dumped by city folk into country fields. Sad, I know!

Anonymous said...


This is where Poki is from.